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Why Edujoy


Save 5 min to Learn.

Watching lesson video on computer screen needs very high concentration. It's hard to listen to lesson video for 40 minutes straight. It's different when they listen to teacher explaining in a class. Therefore, videos in Edujoy will be maximum 5 minutes long. In 5 minutes, the explainer will deliver a lesson that students can study briefly to understand fundamental concepts and basic competence they should have. Only 5 minutes, not that long right?


Interactive Videos.

Observing the advancement of technology and how people react to it is important. Edujoy follows newest update in technology and incorporates it with our system. Edujoy videos is played with special video player that allows the students to interact with it. Students will not only watch the video, but also will be able to answer the questions provided in between the video. It's interactive, so students will not get bored. Students will concentrate more so they can answer those questions. This is one of key feature in Edujoy.


Interactive Practice Questions.

When students listen to a lesson, sometimes they forget what they’ve listened. Edujoy provides interactive self assessment which will help students to develop concepts better in their mind. Students may take self assessment and evaluate how much they’ve understood the lesson. They may retake self assessment and improve their comprehension on the particular topic. Students can take self assessment very easily in Edujoy. This self assessment is another one of our key features in Edujoy.


Lesson Notes

In Edujoy students will be able to download lesson note and write every detail of precious information extracted from the videos. This note will be very beneficial and very helpful when students go back to school. As at the end, students will return to their notes and study the material they’ve learned before any exam.