About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring accessible, engaging, and highly effective video based learning system to students in Indonesia. We believe that good learning system should be available for students to access, so that it enables students to improve their education quality. By 2020, our hope is that every student in Indonesia will have easy access to experience Edujoy video based learning system.

Our Story & Target

Learning can be done anywhere, anytime now, thanks to the advance of technology we have now. Active and engaging lesson in class is something every teacher and student wants. But, sometimes students get sick and can’t go to school. Students have a project so they can’t join the class for particular reasons. Sometimes teachers can’t come to class because of some reasons. Curriculum can not wait. Curriculum needs to be completed. But, It will take very much time for teacher to make up any missing lesson with students.

Edujoy empowers teachers and also students who wants to study Math and Science with simple yet excellence videos, lesson notes, and quizzes. Students will study with their own pace, take and retake every exercise, and improve their understanding. Teachers can prepare more activity in class, since the lecture is done with Edujoy.

Our Staff

Our staff are experienced teachers with demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, very skilled with strong educational background.